A new World Wide Web?

Someone wants to go after the the big boys. And guess who’s going to up end the web that we know today?
Read this:

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web. https://tiny.iavian.net/owvh


@sevenday4 , interesting, will have a look at the link provided.

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He s not a newbee either ;



Good find @altman. Can’t wait for Solid to come on line! But, I have a suspicion that Google will try everything in their power to stop this from happening. I pray that they don’t succeed!

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@sevenday4. Not only google, other spiders(& more) will want to get on it right !

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It’s already up actually, I’ve just created my own POD and then realised that I don’t do Facebook, social media or emails :smiley:


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& I salute you ! lol

Edit: Didn t know it was already up.

I didn’t realize it was up as well. But having an account with the likes of Facebook and Twitter has me very concerned. May be if Gab.ai perhaps, and that’s a pretty big stretch. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It was I was thinking also.

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When the “www” was created we did not have what we have today, it was another vision, another technology, other companies, many did not even exist (about 90%), ads were rare and even then it was not seen as a great source of income as it is seen today, the fashion is collecting data, generating income in the back of others and in the machine of others (coins), this is the “focus” nowadays, certainly it will not have the same support that it had in another era, goes to be another idea without destination, the P2P protocol is decentralized, and who does it support?

Who will embrace this idea, who will sustain and how will it be done, without ads? how to generate income to maintain one more internet channel among so many that already exist?

The internet has no owner and has at the same time, and we only know the surname, money.

@m.rogers . Pretty much it. Guess that if they wouldn t have any ads, they ll have to charge some fees in order for people or companies whatever to use its services , of which if their aint any would not be able to survive on my end.

Edit: Unless being backed up by some big pockets.

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I think so, hahaha … (but that’s all it is.)

The charging exists in our daily life, this is fact, but who wants to pay more or pay for something that today can be access with low cost or standard cost (the net account in the fial of the month), plus a service with intergalactic promises that everything will be safe, private and solid ?, on the web this does not exist (I’m not saying it’s going to be like this, but I guess.), and possibly will be one of those services … ‘have to pay to see’.

I like people who have new, innovative ideas but I do not see how they will achieve this these days without following certain rules that “others” will impose to make that happen.

Let’s wait and see, it may be an old movie … as it may also be a new movie, but only when it’s concrete and the conditions exposed will we be sure.

I have my beliefs, I believe in God, but I do not lay a hand on the fire even for the “Pope”, he is flesh and blood. Hahaha… :joy::joy:

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@m.rogers lol Guess that we would have to pay a surcharge in order to use it, & pretty expensive to say the least.

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More or less this. :grin:

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Related to the 1st post somehow;