A new testing repo + iso

Not really, it always has issues depending on what/how the program needs to be launched, I’ll probably just have to go through and add some form of check, though this sounds awful and I suspect a good few people will still opt for other terminals


EDIT this wasn’t really meant to be directed at @PackRat, just can’t change it after posting, apologies


I agree, it is a cool feature to add software from the obmenu, but I am another one not using it at all.
Over a week with the testing iso and no issues to report, btw.


I just got my office internet connection set up down in civilization for during the work week so I think I’m gonna do a bare metal install. Whats the preferred method of reporting issues? I’m assuming right here with Level 4 or Bitbucket?

(The new aurman setup sold me on this)

So… encrypted installations are borked.

I think somehow y’all need to kind of force systemd-boot for full disk encryption in AIF also make sure whatevermynameiskey.bin isn’t in “Files()” under mkinitcpio.conf or it will autologin an encrypted user which makes no sense.

Hope this helps guys.

I got it working but it was all manual after the install and I had so much beer in the process that I’m only sure that those were the only two main areas to look at.

Can you make a new thread please @cog regarding this mate.

Encrypted installations are also borked on the mainline release, it’s been broken for months.

I added this to the new topic @Dobbie03 requested.



Thank you @cog.

Can i write some bugtrack and suggestions?
I miss the install option to MBR mode, a non UEFI installation.
I can’t setting my swap partition to work on last verstion of install (just file swap mode)
But i like the new progress bar on AL-installer and a way to install disconnected
after install the connection icon “/” “” on polybar don’t stop after i put ethernet cable, the icon of ethernet don’t appear, but the connection works.
Al-hello don’t recognize my connection.

Use su and reinstall iputils to fix the network issue

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I think it is the bunsenlabs way, but i agree, the guys who uses openbox want to make your own menu, i think a minimalistic menu will be better, something like just terminal and programs installed, settings as a central of all configurations, and Exit.

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