A little rant... of sorts

So, after dallying, I finally terminated my G+ profile and left eye candy linux in a flash at the weekend.


Well apart from the imminent closure, I had joined MEWE for a stint to see how it all went. There were a few familiar users
in the group and after a couple of days I was invited to be an ADMIN of the groups, which I accepted as I am one for a technical
forum elsewhere.

After two days a user dropped in. I was familiar with this one from G+ and was one I avoided because of the Crass, abusive and obnoxious
tone he had. Anyway, he started using offensive terms (ARCH user slagging off everyone if they didn’t use it etc…) and I pulled him up on it. Anyway, other admins then told ME to BEHAVE!
So I deleted my account and my G+ account. I did not reply, because I felt my time is worth more than responding to these fuckwits (I actually knew what they were both capable of because I have seen the shit and abuse that they have dished out in the past).

My point?

Well I guess my point is that I appreciate this forum and its users - being down to earth people with mutual respect for one another.
Not much of a point really, but holy crap the reality is that there are a bunch of ass holes out there. Linux is a bout freedom and choice and
these arch linux purest toss pots really get on my tits.

Stay well.



Well , I hate places like the ones that you re telling about ! These so call internet warriors, I would like to face them face to face just for the fun of it, they might be less brave.

Great to see you here @philT


I hear you on that! That is what prompted a post I put here letting folks know how much I appreciate the open-mindedness and decency. My experience was similar - if you don’t stick to the script, its wrong no matter how you prove another way of doing something works.

I get it though - they want to ensure that folks learn a certain structure but you are right, there are ways do to that as well as ways NOT to.

I would be willing to bet that there are a fair number of folks here that experienced somewhat the same (and of course, you’ll find that with any distro forum).

But, YES, the folks here are excellent to hang with if just to do some bantering in fun.


True, and I love arch too. But I dont feel the need to personally abuse people for not using it ! :grinning:


Cheers @altman

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Yep. I guess that’s what I’m saying too. Still thoughtfully pissed off about the whole thing.

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You bet , the f!ck with them, don t need asswholes like those right !

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The same thing happened to me on the Ubuntu Italy forum, but I’m still registered, after 19000 posts, I’ve been writing for three years.

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Gee, that s some posts @ector ! Wonder when you slept during that time ! lol

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@ector man, thats some commitment.! It sucks that ones effort can be ruined by a few individuals.


Yep, some jealous limited no brainer me think @philT .

Too bad that we see too much of those in either the forums & on YT also.

Haha. YT is a whole 'nother beast.

You bet @philT lol

Interesting story there @philT, I can guess who they were. There were a number of users at G+ who were hardcore Arch users and made it plain that they didn’t like AL at all.

One of them was messaging me telling me how awesome AL was all the while bagging me in another conversation. How do I know this? He accidentally messaged me what was meant to go in the other convo. It made things very clear about a few people there.

I love Arch. I HATE the typical Arch-Cuck. Its a fucking OS, not a higher being to worship.


Don’t ya just how sometimes just turn out the way they do :slight_smile: I love it when things like that happen then to watch the offender squirm a bit, lol

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He realised he’d fucked up. I didn’t bother replying. I ended the conversation and just blocked him.

I’m not a fan of false people. Be honest. Don’t kiss my arse in one moment, then stab me in my back in another. He’s the sort of guy who strikes me as being the office bitch. Tells the boss on the rest of the team.

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Indeed - things like that come back and bite em and if you happen to be around when it happens, well - it’s sort of enjoying. Seen too much of that in the work place and been a victim of it a time or two so I can understand what you are saying.

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Then there is another c**t at G+. It was him and the guys I was just discussing.

I do see a lot of the anti-Arch spin attitude as a bit of jealousy. Especially when they do well. Its like you discover a band long before anyone else and then other people hear about them and they get more and more popular. No longer is that band special to just you anymore :smiley:


I thought you would figure it out. Its one user but he has a cohort of shit face wankers that follow him around - they deserve each other.

Your experience sounds worse than mine. But I was aware of some shit going on a while back, so I just steered clear, but somehow through his apparent multiple personality disorder I got dragged into his world (albeit briefly). My blood was boiling after reading what I saw on my page. I could have replied. He thinks hes won, but I reckon I did because I don’t have to deal with those pricks any longer. Let them stew in their own hatred and insecurities and paranoia. Purged I tell ya, I’m purged!