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A list of the best VPNs for Linux Users This Cyber Monday

Here you can see the latest Cyber Monday VPN deals from top VPN provider

PureVPN $1.32 for 5 years (Save 88%)
Expressvpn $6.67 for 15 months (Save 49%)
CyberGhost $3.5 for 18 months (Save 73%)
VyprVPN $5 for 1 year (Save 25%)
Private Internet Access 2.31 for 2 years (Save 66%)

Ok, but who is to really be trusted? I ´ve tried to read up on the subject. But do not think I have ever met more contradictive arguments about the different providers of the service. In the end I just felt :woozy_face: and gave up.

Anyone who have an opinion on the subject here?

Hmm, i get your concern. In my opinion, Express is a great service because theres barely any technical problems. Pure though has a no logs policy and is pretty fast when it comes to connection times etc. But both boast about security and im currently using Pure myself. Give it a try if you like theres a Christmas Offer on it right now.

Proton (proton mail) provides a VPN client now.

Thx @PackRat , I see that it s related to ProtonMail as well as stated above ! Must be great.

Thanks for the Proton tip @PackRat, will check it out when the Xmaz crazy has settled. I have tried out something called Windscribe, the Linux cli client worked without hassle for me. Tried because of the free offer. 10GB a month! Suspiciously good maybe. Well I tested it with some random surfing and it seemed to work out quite well. But for a paid subscription? I do not know, I do not think I need it really, but maybe it would be cool to just hassle all the trackers out there. :slight_smile:

I am a new vpn user and I have a little bit information about but still confused. L2tp and ikev2 both use ipsec for secure the user data, so why both have in a vpn?

@orionH can you explain me why? because I Googled and read numerous guide like

But still confused. I want to open a new thread but administrator hasn’t given me the access, so that is why I post my question here.

Both have different uses that’s why they used. Furthermore protocols are implemented on layers like IPsec is for layer 3 and TCP is for layer 4.

both are different protocols and both worked as per there specification… Whereas IPSec is for layer 3 and TCP is for layer 4.