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A humble question

Hi Archlabbers!

I was wondering if anyone has tried to install Regolith in Archlabs?
I know that for many of us itś more fun to set up and configure I3 yourself but … just asking!


I have looked at their web page and that was as far as it went.

Regolith requires Ubuntu. i3 is a choice when you install Archlabs. It comes all set up and configured. I tried Regolith and found myself changing everything to the settings I was used to in Archlabs.

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I personally struggle with anything Ubuntu based.

I was looking a little a their site and they use gnome as back-end. I wonder if it would be possible to use xfce instead? I am totally into Openbox myself but curious about i3 and I will install i3 today and see if I can figure it out. Are there a good place to learn besides arch-wiki?


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Ultimate solution: Really well done piece of docs. Once you tame it, take a look at sway, too.

[edit] ArchLabs default config is the best one in the world. Just overwrite your ~/.config/i3/config with it.


Thanks for that one!!!

“Ubuntu doesn’t work on my mashines”


I just never really had a reliable system with Ubuntu.

Last time I tried to install Ubuntu, it wouldn’t start on my laptop.

Ubuntu is very “heavy”! A couple of years ago I found out that there are “netinstalls” or “small images” of Ubuntu. I tried that with Openbox but it was still too “heavy” for my taste. I tried to read up on what I could get rid of in the system but 3 times it came up “unbootable”. I found Ubuntu much more difficult than Arch actually.

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I didn’t find it difficult, I find it awkward.

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