A few subpressionist walls Part2 + a few single al logos you can work with. Put it on your wall or somewhere else




Wow, hard at work @subjunkie



Thanks @altman Playing with gimp can be a lot of fun.


lol, bet 2 of you guys in the forum like it to play with GIMP !


Nice work, @subjunkie!


@entr0py Thank you.


A few more:


Wow, another one that doesn t stop ! Nicee.


Wow! They are really impressive.


I have made some Archlabs logos for my own needs. I have made them with gimp + inkscape. My new favorite tool so far and 3 Archlabs_dwm logos for my own walls. You can use them on your walls or somewhere else.




@Dobbie03 Thank you.


Wow, some talents in there @Dobbie03 @subjunkie


Really great work @subjunkie! I wish I could use GIMP as you do…


@entr0py YOU CAN! Try it out, read some stuff about it and play a little bit with gimp. And: You need a little bit of time.


I do like the logo on your second, third and fourth wallpaper ! Well done :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @subjunkie. I love these wallpapers. Downloading all !! I think we have the new master :wink:


You ll be able to mod some papers with these @Negata .


@subjunkie The “broken glass effect” I like a lot.


@Negata Thank you! Nah, iam not the new master, YOU ARE! Iam not so good.