A few "sub-pressionist-junk" Walls



Hello there. Playing a bit with gimp today. Results are a few walls, that i want to share. Hope you like it.

January 2019 Screenshot Thread

Thank you very much @subjunkie !!! I like these wallpapers


@Negata Thank you very much!


Wow, a machine @subjunkie


@altman lol Thanks.


No worries, keep it on mate.


Also love the tittle s name game in there ! lol


@altman Name game? Whats that? What meaning has that?


Ah, The tittle s name. Including your username & art s in there.


AAAAH. I understand now. Yes, i like so called name games. And now, with your help, i have learn a little english lesson. I love this forum.


Basically my terms, I guess, other people can explain this better , better would be jeux de mots in French , but I don t know what it would be in English.

lol, yep, you beat me to it, just found it when you posted.


You are french? In german its “Wortspiel”. In english "Word game. Thank you “Linguee”.



Ah yep , French Canadian, you happen to be German ! Didn t know that, Danke


lol. Bitte.


Lol, just know a little bit of german sadly.


Better a little bit than nothing. I know sadly just a few french words. Only “bad” things. Same in russian language.


lol, don t know why it s so easy to say swearings, same thing when teaching french to my english friends here ! lol

Edit: was basically what I did when I started learning some English back in the years.


Yes, i dont know why too. I had 2 girlfriend in the past. One french and one russian. They are the “bad” influence. :sweat_smile: (not really, both were/are wonderful)


Great work @subjunkie. The second one is my favorite


@philT Thank you. Yes, the 2nd one is a nice one. A nice one per accident. (Too confused and slow fingers in Gimp) But i like the mishap result too.