A desktop problem

Hi Archlabers!
During configuration of a new install with Openbox as the “main” desktop I installed Gzdoom and played some scenarios (fullscreen). When I turn off the game I get 1/4 (upper left corner) of the workspace/desktop back! The rest i black! It’s not a big problem because just a logout and in again restores the desktop.
I find it hard to search for these kind of problems therefore I wonder if anybody recognize this?
Very thankful for a hint!


fwiw: on tilers something similar sounding occurs to me. I have found that switching to xcompmgr for my compositor seems to reduce the frequency of the problem.

Do you have a key binding to restart Openbox (I don’t recall if the default ArchLabs setup has one)?

If not, set up a key binding for restart ( example - openbox actions) see if you can fix the issue that way. Quicker than logging out/in.

openbox --restart

in a terminal will also restart openbox.

Hi thanks for answering!

Hey! I did a reboot and then problem is gone!
If it stays I am sorry for bothering!!

I have another problem but I will start a new subject for that!


Does it fixed the issue after every reboots @womp !

If so happy that it s fixed.

So far (after 2 reboots) it works!


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Good news !

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