A couple of small issues on Super_L and Pamac

Thanks for the updated iso. It solved a couple of install problems. Just a couple of little issues persist.

1, The Super_L (Win) shortcut loads Rofi on the live usb, but does not work after install. Ctrl+space and Alt+F1 work. Locales are OK.

I’m using ksuperkey as a workaround.

  1. Pamac delivers an “authentication failed” message when trying to install software. Also, the preferences button doesn’t work. Something similar has occured in other distros:

Pacli works fine though.

No big deal, but a fix would be nice.

Thank you for your good work. Archlabs is just the best.

Hi again,
I reinstalled Archlabs and discovered that the Win key works with the live USB and also after install, but it doesn’t work after running AL-Hello.