96 °C CPU new issue

Including scrot of htop issue to me clearly seems to be NetworkManager.
Also 1 core weather it’s core 0-1-2-3 seems to be utilized fully 99%-100% and the rest are under relatively normal use. Do you guys have any ideas to get this fixed?
for the first 10 or so minutes it runs normally then all of the sudden my laptop gets hotter than the devils whatever. I’ll gladly include any more info that may help get this solved, i believe i’ve used ArchLabs nearly flawlessly for about a year. Thanks in advanced!

Looks like its NetworkManager causing an issue again.

That’s awful, terribly sorry to hear these issues (94 degrees is no joke), my suggestion would be:

  • switch to something like wicd for your wireless management util this issue is resolved upstream.
  • rollback to a version of networkmanager which you can get the official PKGBUILD for here, should be able to edit the pkgver to a working previous release and rebuild it, then downgrade to that.

Have you payed attention to the fact, that NetworkManager had the latest update almost a month ago? What has been updated recently is the networkmanager-qt package.

You can rollback to an earlier version of NetworkManager by using the package cache:


This is the same issue, right?

It seems to be an issue with curl actually, no fix yet as it seems

thanks guys, looking into these solutions before ultimately giving up and switching to wicd!