2018.07 Testing Release


Did a clean install, booted to live session, recognized and installed/mounted all partitions this time. Although, required a /boot partition to install grub.

al-hello successfully installed nvidia drivers :grinning:



That s some good news considering some drivers have some tendencies to have issues on some hardware,

That s good news to members in the forum.


Update on testing release 2018.07.26

I’ve installed using both UEFI and Legacy methods upon desktop and both laptops.

Went through welcome script on each as smooth as silk.

Not a single issue to report, beautiful work Gents :sunglasses:

Same here but will be using UEFI for all machines on final release anyways, so an insignificant workaround here.


@Glenn, glad it went smoothly for a change ! usually something else on other isos.


Yaaa, I’m glad it was a simple fix or @altman would have to help you even though he doesn’t have a nvidia GPU!:joy::rofl::joy:


lol you bad boy ! @sevenday4 & PackRat would ve had a kaputt computer on his hands with my nvidia help !

Nothing / nvidia on my side .(happened like that I guess)


I’m guessing that this version may very well be for UEFI install only. Most individuals rather use UEFI than BIOS any way due to making it easier to dual boot with other OS also it’s faster for booting up because of how it manipulates the CPU and drives.


I installed using both UEFI and Legacy on three separate boxes and all work flawlessly. Having to create a tiny partition and format exclusively for legacy grub, is a simple matter for me.


We won’t be very far from a release. Probably a bit later today.


@Dobbie03 I think it’s damn near perfection and resource usage is even lower than the last testing release. You guys have worked your asses off and it’s really appreciated Matt & Nate.

Thanks guys.