2018.07 Testing Release


@Glenn , thx, we might not know each other in real life doesn t mean that we can t help each other one way or the other right ! :smile:



@altman That’s right. Don’t have to shake hands to be friends and besides the awesome distribution, the ArchLabs community is what makes this all worth the while.


@Glenn , you bet mate !


Using the advice of @PackRat & @mrneilypops, I can confirm I was also able to reach x on my Lenovo laptop but needed to delete each file separately. For anyone interested…

@tty prompt

cd /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d

sudo rm 20-intel.conf

sudo rm 21-radeon.conf

sudo rm 22-amdgpu.conf





Thx, might be usefull to other members for future refs.


What partition scheme were you using for those installs?

I successfully booted to a live session on UEFI and BIOS laptops - don’t know what would be causing that error.


Do you mean, did I install separate home and / partitions? No, all on one… I always do. Swap was handled by the new installer and picked up. The only odd thing I had to do was create a small partition for boot/grub. Been a little while since installing in Legacy but was always prompted before with installing to mbr on the drive, not partition.

I selected and used noatime @ mount, default setting didn’t work… I think it’s realtime or something like that.


@Glenn is your CPU an AMD chip or Intel? I was having problems with .05 and .06 and was thinking because of use noatime. In almost all installs I usually use journal with ext4 settings. Not having journal setting may be an issue on some systems.


@sevenday4 Both my desktop and acer laptop are Intel but the one I’ve had trouble with, the lenovo laptop is AMD. So, you may be on to something there.


Hmmm, I have an Intel processor and having issues. I am wondering if older machines may have issues. AMD chips are notoriously troublesome in some settings. May have to dig for information for both issues. I had installed .03 without issue and it’s updating pretty well. As I said earlier, noatime may not behave well with some machines and may be an issue. These are just some possible scenarios that may have to take a look at.


Testing release features on my micro blog ‘linux+beer…2018>’

Testing running OK at the moment…:heart_eyes:



lol, love the Link s s tittle name ! ( Linux+Beer 2018 )

Nice site by the way.

Edit: Rephrased.


@altman Tks!

bit of a test site mainly for my amusement at the moment…but who knows…2019? :wink:


@mrneilypops , we never know right !


New one to test people.



Downloading now.


Hello, first of all I want to thank you for your work in developing this distribution. I have some experience in Linux, I have already spent many years testing and using some distros. But in my working day it’s always Windows. But now I decided to install Linux again on a spare laptop I have, an HP G42 and the installation worked fine, everything works. The last distro I used was Crunchbang, and looking for its successor I got to Archlabs. I saw an announcement of Testing Release and I said to myself: let’s go to the edge. I have another reason to learn how to use Linux more efficiently, I have a new server at home and I want to improve my handling of Linux.
PD: Sorry if there are mistakes in my English, it’s not my native language.


The Xorg issues should be fixed in this one @Glenn


New testing release 2018.07.26

First results are awesome, live system boots to X on all our machines including the Lenovo laptop. I’ll put it to metal tomorrow when time permits.

It did :slight_smile:


Downloading now…

EDIT: 2018.07.26 ISO live system boots to X! :smile:

I already have testing installed so no need for me to install this one.
Keep up the great work!