2018.07 Testing Release


I have corrected that for you Hari :slight_smile:


LOL. I just saw this. Hilarious yet accurate.


@pippo, that’s so accurate, I don’t think @natemaia ever slacks off to use slackware. Pun intended! Lol Now about his stability…


I’ve (happily) tested and noticed the default terminal changed.
Will it be default in the next stable release?
Also, will these changes be upgradable from previous releases?


Yes the terminal is now st.

Changes should be available as usual as we are rolling. You will need to manually set your default terminal though.

New testing ISO available https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OIpkiQ8gKnoldrStkuzdHde12InHMiRr/view


@Dobbie03 , Thx for the hard work team !


@natemaia has put some real hard work into the installer. It’s better than ever. Please test.


@natemaia , thx mate for the hard work on the latest test iso.

@Dobbie03, Will check it out.


Another testing ISO is available. This time with the new themes and colours.


Still showing the old wallpaper on this one. Everything else is in place.


Any need to reinstall if I am already using the testing repos?


Probably not. You will need to install the new theme though archlabs-dARK



Would guess that one might enable test repos by adding them, but I don t find the link real quick, it was on top of page at one time, trying to find link. Too early I guess… lol


@pippo, just found the link.

Wonder if these link s repos are still valide with the newer test iso, I would add those to the rrepos that you already have as test repos.


@altman I am running the testing Iso, that’s how I am using those repos. Didin’t have to add them manually.
That’s what I believe, anyway…:thinking:


Done that already :wink:



Hey cool, wonder what iso was on your computer. Scratch that ! lol

Edit: Is their 2 Test iso discks now or only one that was updated! Sounds weird or is it on my side only.


Which one have you got installed?



Ah , AL 2018.05 still, guess I will keep updating/upgrading this install , hopped too much in the past, unless I mess it up! lol, Something I ve done in the past & could happenend in the future.

Edit; Guess I did my share of experiments , now I m trying to keep it quiet ! lol


Is it working?



lol, not at all !