2018.07 Stable Release is Available


@Glenn Do not know… :joy::joy::joy:


@Glenn , must ve taken lots of them.lol


Fantastic work folks, the image works great in QEMU/KVM (Debian stable host), I’ll try it on the metal later.

I’m loving the #! grey — great choice :slight_smile:


That makes two of us.

The further I got in to finishing this latest theme, the more it reminded me of #!.


Good memories fellas !


I just downloaded archlabs-2018.07.28.iso. But what is the MD5 sum?

I think I saw it already but my short term memory … you know :crazy_face:


Hi @fossiili :slight_smile:

See here

Click the (I)nfo button to the immediate right of the iso you’re interested in.


Did you manage to sort this?


There I found Preformatted textarchlabs-2018.07.28.iso.torrent 2018-07-29 39.3 kB 402
archlabs-2018.07.28.iso 2018-07-29 1.0 GB 1,698
archlabs-2018-03.iso 2018-03-06 975.2 MB 4,012

BUT WHERE MD5SUM :disappointed_relieved:



It’s shown right here https://archlabslinux.com/get-archlabs-2/ how to view and check the MD5SUM.


Oops, my Hollywoodian production also has the md5sum step by step… :joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy:

Now leaving the joke aside, I want to thank everyone involved in the current project, it was simply sensational, congratulations!!!

And thank you so much!!!


And as I am lazy, adding this action on Thunar everything gets smoother … (forgot to use this in the video… hahaha…)

Check md5sum
zenity --info --title=“Check md5sum for %n” --text="$(md5sum %f)"

The result is this


@m.rogers , it s the way I didi it also. Nice way to check sum .