2018.07 Stable Release is Available


Hi All,

Read about the release here, http://bit.ly/archlabs.

Thanks to all who tested and sent us feedback.


Matt & Nate



Awesome! Downloading now to give it a spin.


Nice! Spread the word my friend.


Thx Team & congrats on job well done.


Downloaded yesterday and installed this morning. Works wonderfully! Love the theme. Haven’t seen CrunchBang! for a while and truly miss them; use to use them back in the day. Very nice tribute to them.


@ve9cbc. Glad it worked great.

A big 10-04 ! lol


Thank you.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:


@Dobbie03 & @natemaia Nice work Lads.




No, that’s alright. I’ll just edit the post.


Unnecessary but alrighty :slight_smile:


Awesome as always.


I did a test, a just kidding, but the formatting is right! :grin:

AL-2018.07.28: https://youtu.be/1OJ7tIKGB5o



Oops, some changes around the corner !


And thank you all !!


I’m leaving 2018.03 tomorrow! :joy:


@m.rogers , she will be sad because you re leaving her ! lol


I took this wallpaper with someone here … I do not remember the name, sorry, anyway I want to thank you, it’s good!


@m.rogers How many Chili tune’s does it take to write that iso anyways? :grin: