(2018.07.28) LightDM Does not load on boot when installed

Installed the new ISO, everything went well, chose LightDM install and some extra DEs. When I rebooted, brought to a plain terminal prompt to login. LightDM would start after login if I issued the command ‘systemctl start lightdm.service’ .

After some digging around, I found that the default target for boot was ‘multi-user.target’ which by passes a graphical login. Once I changed the target, now it boots into LightDM greeter! (command used: # systemctl set-default graphical.target )

This was NOT an issue on previous releases, just curious if this was a bug or intentional.


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Likely just roll over from updating all the build files, it was intentional, but with unintended side affects post install I suppose.

Will update welcome script to ensure this is done.