2 external monitors from my Lappy?

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Following on from these answers:

So, …

If I wanted to try this with my laptop and to get another external monitor at 90°, i.e. have two external monitors and my Lappy screen, how do I do this from a hardware point of view?

I have an HDMI output that my current external monitor uses, and there is what looks like a VGA output

In terms of GPU’s it has an NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M and an Intel Haswell-ULT

Is it possible to have lappy screen and two external monitors with this lappy (ASUS XB550LB) ?

If so, how would I do it?


Maybe, provided that you find narrow enough hdmi and d’sub plugs. Both sockets are right next to each other. I remember I couldn’t connect them both in my previous laptop (which was also Asus by the way).

Good point, will see if I can find one or cut one down

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One VGA cable plus one hacksaw and Ta-Da!

Then i just connected it to my external monitor so it had both VGA and HDMI connection to the lappy and xfce4-setting Display handled everything :smiley: :+1:

External monitor on its HDMI source:

External monitor on its VGA source:

Lappy Monitor:

I just need to buy another monitor now



Next question …

Any advice on good monitor deals, preferably from EU
What should I look for?
Price is an important parameter, but so is good quality, but more towards the former …

For example:

This more expensive ASUS is much better than the following cheaper Lenovo?
I have a soft spot for ASUS

What are you planning to use the monitor for? You don’t need a fast 4ms response rate for editing office documents. If you’re planning to use it vertically, you probably aren’t using it for games.

Excellent, congrats!

If you want my advice, look for a second hand 1920x1200. I bought such, with IPS matrix, at really affordable price in PL. 1920x1080 was too narrow for me, when rotated.

@eight_bit_al probably to just view office documents, pdf’s etc
I have never been on the game, bores the carp out of me for some reason
That’s the crux of it really, I dont really know what I need
I do need high resolution as my eyes suffer on lower quality images tho


Thats another good point, A4 aspect ratio gives 1920 x 1350 and so 1920 x 1200 allows for about an inch of space at the top for menus / ribbons or whatever

As well as for 120 characters per line in IDEs. :slight_smile:

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Second hand in Portugal is generally not usually a good solution - very unreliable people so you dont know if they will be there when you go to see it etc etc (sorry, but its true) - and they expect prices so high that you can buy the same thing for a similar price new from abroad.

If its around €100 - for me that’s fine

I bought a refurbished AOC 12475PRQU for 379 PLN over a year ago. Dunno how much it is today.

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This one looks similar. Probably, as I’m searching on the phone. Monitor 24" / AOC - Sklep, Opinie, Cena w Allegro.pl

Edit: 94.99 PLN for shipment to Portugal. It means 94 EUR all together.

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I agree, 1080 is too narrow. I just found a great deal on fleabay for a third ThinkVision P24h-10, 2560x1440; so I’ll have three of them. One horizontal and two vertical , one on each side.

Here in the Divided States of North America, one can find great deals on fleabay; sometimes by misspelling the name of what is wanted. Nobody sees the offer and it can be won for much less.

The last one I got for $55; the starting price of the auction.


I just beat out the other bidder at the close of the auction

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This is super interesting:


Look at some of the odd sizes down near the bottom of the list.


never realised there were so many monitor options
Just got the electric, gas and water bills
New monitor on the far back burner LOL