10 Things to Do after Installing Fedora 38 Workstation


Thanks @judd . Especially the dnf5 addition is worth exploring some more! Add ‘defaultyes=true’ to dnf.conf as well, pressing Enter will then execute and not put you back on the command line every time (looking back at gaps in memory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face:).

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I am glad about that!

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I tried sway and sway immutable. Kind of feel like nixos does it better. No need for reboots. Overall fedora 38 is an awesome RPM based distro. Would switch if I wasn’t so invested in Debian.

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To me fedora is kind of a nice sweet spot in between arch and Debian.


10 things and not one of them is have a beer!
I’m joking of course.


I agree with what’s been said above especially the bit about the sweet spot between Arch and Debian.

If you don’t like Gnome (and I’m cool on it myself although I like a lot of the software that comes with it), there are a number of Fedora spins as well which use other desktops and window managers. Exton’s got a very good one which is based on Fedora Cinnamon and has a number of tools for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash.


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I’ll get a beer on that! But thanks for pointing out some other spins etc. I’ve used Ultramarine, but now I am on Fedora Sway, with nwg-shell on top of it. Solid.

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Good. I’ve used Ultramarine in the past and had no problems with it; it uses the Budgie desktop manager.

The devs also provide a migration script for Fedora users wishing to enjoy the benefits of Ultramarine without having to download a new iso. I haven’t tested it so don’t know how well it works, but here it is anyway for anyone who wants to try it;

bash <(curl -s https://ultramarine-linux.org/migrate.sh)